To a woman silence brings ornament

October 19, 2010 at 11:36am

to me silence brings ornament,
when my husband’s captors did
flank the house,
i was silent, they struck him
as i am more likely to strike,
i said nothing,
silence brings ornament to me.

and when they captured me
as well, i said nothing,
for silence brings ornament,
i was consort unto my husband’s
enemies, by the thousands,
and i said nothing.

in a new world there may have been
a thousand pleasures I might have taken
but the eye can see everything
except the eye, so i said nothing,
and did nothing
which brought honor to myself.

i gave birth to the beasts
and loved them, as mothers do,
but said nothing, my tears
jeweling my face, silent streams
carving testimony

to woman’s querulous nature.

For when has woman raised an
army to strike other women?
When has woman dropped bombs
to scorch the earth,

man is so calm and logical
man is so full of hope.

I say nothing I am crowned in silence,
the greatest most beautiful slave
I am no spartan, for the spartans are men,
I am no teuton, such a glorious name belongs only to men.

I am silent though new armies crawl from my womb
to capture new worlds, they are not mine, I will not
say they are mine, I cannot say they are mine.

From the silence your ornamented queen will
emerge and wreak havoc on your blessed lands,
you will squeal your lies from slit throats,

and you will beg me forgiveness,

and I will say nothing as death swallows you by the thousands
you beasts, my sons

for you I am silent.


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