because of the cookies, because of the bread

September 9, 2008 at 1:17pm

the dust of flour hung between
us momentarily and i savored
each syllable of momentarily
the idea that life passes breath
after breath and we exist just
just like that, momentarily,

your wool coat changed
the way I saw things I saw
things suddenly momentarily

because of the cookies
because of the bread

because of the flour
because of the coat

because of you,

sudden violence lives in wine
gentlemen drink behind

closed doors the wine spills

and there are no maids to

clean it from the carpets

of the heart!

Elise, offering the carpets
of her heart behind closed
doors after I pressed that
kiss into the flour that rested

brushed sweet and final on
her cheek


I spilled violent wine across
those carpets

and then checked my
e-mail, Elise.


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