Fatal Territory

what if some butterflies can swim underwater
like stainedglass stingrays

what if a little butterfly felt she wanted to swim
but she never saw any butterflies swimming
so she figured she was just silly
lying in bed dreaming of it

there arent any swimming butterflies
there are only flying butterflies

lofted above the lake she longed
and imagined every way she would swim
if it were possible

what if she found out too late that butterflies really can swim
after she set herself up as a regular butterfly
with a spiderweb of pathways around her persistently painful
and pointless desire

tactics and countermeasures to avoid that awkward spot

what if the swimming butterflies dont believe she wants to swim
what if she’s so old now it’s too awkward to learn to swim well

what if she had seen swimming butterflies when she was small
what if certain things weren’t made invisible

what if there was someone i could tell who wouldnt make me feel like shit


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