nick & norah

im smouldering in silence
separated from your thoughts
and every naive desire
is twinkling in the sky

i wonder what you think
of me and cannot say
what i think of you

nerves are red and raw
blossoming like rosebuds
trapped in the tropics

not a thing to be said

glowing fingertips
slip over and over
my sacrum in a precious

you are the prince of
pleasure and shyness
aside you rock my
world from sea to shining

if i was one of these
blinking above would
you be the boy to
trace my face

muddle me and be
my unclear thing

wrap your hands
lanquish lace faucets
to pour perfume on
every street corner

crawl to the edge
of ecstasy and dig
your nails in

dig in
dig in
dig in

are you a phantom
come to rob me of
my late blooming

or a baby swashbuckler
come to learn of my
golden joy

if i was one of those
twinkling winking ones

would you give me your
name and your eyestrain

would you trace my face
into knowledge and claim
me as your own

would you weep and curse
the sun for hiding me from
your scholarly erotic gaze

and shyness aside would
you snatch me and pound
me until i was human again?


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