It takes a village to fix a broken child

How much healthcare does it take to make a functional human being from the masticated, foul and oozing remains of a beaten child?

5 different MDs for migraines and neck pain:

3 PCPs

1 sports medicine doc

1 neurologist (very excited to see her next month)

1 dentist

1 oral surgeon

1 optometrist

3 physical therapists

2 gynecologists for untreated adolescent menstrual disorders

Also 2 NPs who were awful

1 pelvic physical therapist to help me relax my pelvic floor

For mental damage:

*to order the medications that keep me from killing myself*

1 psychiatrist & 1 PhD level NP

*to reorganize my mind so I no longer want to kill myself*

5 different therapists (LPCCs with master’s degrees) AT LEAST

Number of daily medications: 6

How many of them are psychoactive: 3

How many times I’ve had to explain I no longer take pain medication because it doesn’t work in non-lethal liver exploding does: 857

How many years of treatment: 6

Grams of industrial strength laxative I take because my pelvis will not relax long enough for me to poop: 17

How many trips to the emergency room for pain: 4

How many ultrasounds: 2

How many hours wasted treating psychosomatic symptoms

that are completely unnecessary: COUNTLESS


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