Navel Gazing 1

I still don’t know if I should express myself or not. It seems like a stupid question but is expressing oneself allowed? A selfie, a poem that doesn’t exactly rhyme, a harrowing personal essay… is it okay? Perhaps everything has already been expressed so new expressions are superfluous. Or is it that it’s better, less arrogant to document others… excepting that of course one cannot express first person experience for another. Can Shakespeare, Chaucer and Milton stand in for me? I’m still not sure. Maybe dear Juliet had more to say that was left unsaid. Are the nymphs peeking around the stage curtain, uncertain? May they speak or are they only objects of rape and other misfortunes? I still don’t know, honestly. What if all there is to feel and do and become is bound up in the canonical heroes? Then no more poems and stories are needed. I don’t know.


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