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something is going on

I remember seeing weightloss before and after pics when I was a kid. My entire childhood I never weighed more than 110 pounds which is considered underweight by BMI standards (I’m 5’6″)… don’t worry nobody cared that I was so small, it wasn’t a public health crisis. In the before and after pics you’d see a lady on one side who weighed about as much as I do now (160-170 lbs) and on the other side she was down to my childhood size of 110 or so. That was considered a weightloss success story in 2001.

In the years between then and now I’ve become interested in bariatrics from many perspectives, both the humanities and physical sciences. Reading bariatrics research and scruntinizing Internet peoples’ attitudes towards fat/weight/fitness/food has become my pastime. So I end up seeing a lot of weightloss before and after pics. Let me tell you: something is going on.

Now on one side of the picture there will be a lady who is about 250-300 lbs and on the other side she is down to my current adult size (again 160-170). That is a weightloss success story in 2016. R/fatlogic will say within a period of a decade or two people have become so additionally lazy, ignorant and hungry for Cheetos that they’ve physiologically blown up. I’m not sure that’s feasible. There isn’t that much extra time in a day to eat that many more cupcakes. How many extra cupcakes does a 2016 woman have to eat per day to be twice as large as a 2001 woman? 3? 30? 300? Idk

Of course I could be wrong and people are not getting bigger. I could be wrong about a lot of things but I think something is going on.




3 thoughts on “something is going on

  1. You are correct, people are getting bigger. I recently saw a documentary on this and, in further support, I don’t remember seeing so many overweight people as I do now. Myself included. I need to get back to my dancing. My fibromyalgia argues me on this so it could take some time. Enjoyed your post, made me stop and think.


    • Dance gently! You can begin by only using a finger or toe even. Make very small movements, almost invisible. We think of dance in the large movements: fast fouettes or giant grand jete but dance is also in small weak movements. I learned at Bennington the basis of post modern dance: human beings cannot actually be still. Try to be still, in a chair or standing up, it doesn’t matter. Gravity will force you (literally) to dance, to rebalance yourself, to shift. In a quiet moment just yield to gravity, accept how vulnerable you are to it, let your bones really settle… you know if you want to 😜

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      • Love that, thank you, going to finger dance while folding laundry right now lol. Then maybe a toe dance in the bath later. Great advice, starting small is always best. 😊


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